Deja’ve all over again; I looked on the news this morning to discover the Libyans have stormed our embassy in Libya and killed the ambassador. It’s eerily reminiscent of 1979 and the Iranian revolt that culminated in a hostage ordeal involving our embassy folks lasting for months. It didn’t end until Reagan entered into office in 1980 and our folks were finally released.
To me, it shows the inept attitude of our foreign government under this administration and their unwillingness to be firm in the face of threats. The Carter administration traveled the same road of appeasement thinking in dealing with rouge nations and it got us nowhere fast, just like today.
Our military was crumbling in disrepair and becoming obsolete when Reagan took the reigns in 1980 and brought us back to number one in the world. The same chore will fall to Romney providing he wins in November because the number one function of our government is to protect its citizens and maintain a strong military for the defense of the nation. This nation’s number one function isn’t welfare distribution and any policy in my opinion to the contrary is undermining the sovereignty of this nation.
Is God leaving the outcome of this great nation to the people? We choose Reagan a moral upstanding man over Carter in 1980 and this nation flourished because of that choice. Is God setting the stage for us to choose a similar path with Romney or a continued downward spiral with Obama? We who remember the late 1970’s and the Carter years remember the despair and hopelessness it brought similar to today’s atmosphere. Has God set the same stage all over again to see if we are still moral people? A nation can survive a bad leader but it can’t survive corrupt citizenry. If change comes like it did in 1980, will it look like a moral change or one of self-indulgence and decline?

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