Get off the Bus!

Sabbath Greetings:
Most folks need directions now and again finding where they’re going in a strange part of town or a place they’ve never been before. It isn’t unusual or out of place to pull over and ask someone for information, unless you’re a man of course, just joking. We have signs that direct and help keep us on course, markers that signal we’re where we need to be during our journeys. While in driver training obeying signs and marker are pounded into our minds as being necessary and the law of the land, we don’t need a lot of lost men roaming around out there not being able to find their way home, just kidding.
God has fashioned his own set of signs and warnings, he has his directional guide and map to the Kingdom. We are instructed to follow the directions given; we are told by scripture which way is the right way. We are told through scripture even nature and happenings around us are road-markers that are our guides. I was using the old jokes about men not wanting to pull over for directions because they’re too embarrassed to acknowledge they might get lost, but the world wants their religion to be like riding on a bus with someone else driving and observing the signs for them. They want little or no responsibility for they’re journey in this world and they will tell you, its better not to know how they got there, just that they arrive at their destination.
We are entering into the fall holy days and it is a time of celebration, prayer, and fasting. It is a time where journeys are made, new friends are made, and hope is fulfilled. These Holy days are also road-maps to the Kingdom, they show us what God is doing with mankind, they’re the key to the mystery of mans existence on this planet.
It’s truly a shame most folks only desire is to ride on the bus of ignorance, watch the scenery, and wonder about God hoping they make it to the kingdom. If you decide to take a chance and get off the bus, it may be a harder journey and you may lose your course on occasion, but God will be always there to give you directions back onto the road to the Kingdom and the rewards are unimaginable.

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