Fading Freedoms

We’ve all been hearing the news coming out of regions of the Middle East giving graphic details of the murders of four US embassy personnel one of which was our Ambassador to Libya. The administration immediately jumped upon the opportunity to lay blame on the whole incident to a fifteen-minute film. Hardly anyone in that region of the world has a TV or goes to the movies so most of the population hadn’t even seen the clip that was actually posted on Utube. Late this week the administration finally admitted it was a terrorist attack and not the movie clip that was the center of the uprising. It seems the king of America has been shown to have no clothes, the question is, “will it matter?” Will it matter to those that have spent a lifetime on the welfare system, or those looking for the next government program to avoid work?
In the process of all this going on little attention was being given to the fact a man in this country was arrested for his expression of free speech. It seems a minority of folks in this nation, that was founded on the principle of free speech, are willing to give that freedom up to appease the wacko’s. When the curtain is pulled back and the wizard of Oz is exposed we will discover our freedoms left us a long time ago, we are just now seeing the fruits of the evil coming into being. This nation turned from the course of individual freedoms decades ago, no one stood up then and very few are willing to take a stand now, that’s how it works in socialist countries.
Before its over and the smoke clears, we may see things like, banning the internet, shutting down certain TV stations and radio programs. Folks may be arrested for preaching the word and expressing themselves about their beliefs in public. Gods word may be reduced to a house to house witness once again.
Turmoil and chaos has come to the shore of our once great country and the government has become our oppressor, this didn’t happen over-night and it won’t go away with one election. Only when the hearts and minds of the people of this nation changes, will things truly get better.

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