Atonement 2012

Greetings, One, and All:
We are waking up to a very fine morning and the coffee, huh; well wait a minute there seems to be something missing. It’s the coffee, there’s no coffee, no water, no milk, and there is no food either. Today is Atonement; it’s that day, the day we as Gods people look forward to every year. At sunset yesterday we began a 24 hour fast, in addition to being a fast day, it’s a high holy day. We are command by God on this day to come together in a holy convocation and worship God.
To ancient Israel, it was a time of the year they would as a nation seek forgiveness of their sins and a cleansing from God; the high priest would enter the holy of holies on behalf of Israel taking the blood of the sacrificial goat as an offering to God. If it wasn’t accepted for some reason, Israel would have a bad year ahead of them.
When Christ was crucified the vale was torn symbolizing we have access to the throne anytime we wish because Christ is our sacrifice, advocate, and savior, and not to mention our high priest.
This day foreshadows something else as well, it is the reason we as Gods people still observe atonement to this day. But, I can’t put it all in this small reminder; you have to view the services to find out why this day may be the most important of the year. You don’t do Gods holy days, you believe they’ve been done away with or they have already been fulfilled, or you don’t do them because you think they are Jewish and you aren’t Jewish. The bible addresses all of those reasons and more, but one element is always missing in folk’s salvation plans, belief!
You have to believe what you read and not what someone else says, and that takes something else, faith! Open your eyes, it’s a very fine morning, I mentioned that already, didn’t I.

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