Returning from the Feast

I hope everyone made it back from the Feast of Tabernacles safely with no problems and full of anticipation for next year. We had the best ever FOT in Galveston; it was full of joy and fun with great fellowship. We dearly missed all those that couldn’t make it this year for whatever reasons and we pray we will see you next year.
The FOT and Gods holy days have greater meaning and a greater urgency about them. I feel as thou we need to accomplish a greater fellowship amongst God’s people and begin a campaign of mending old wounds. This feast was an example of Gods teachings and I believe, his will; we enjoyed the fellowship from such a diversity of folks from other regions and other churches. We had a living, breathing example of the true Kingdom of God, because while the world outside was churning its course to destruction; we on the inside enjoying Gods feast putting aside old barriers and forging a new path ahead.
The plans are in place to continue on with the feast in Galveston next year with greater ideas, greater fellowship, and even more meaningful messages. I look forward to the time we are going to the feast in the Kingdom and not just a rehearsal here on earth. Until that day comes, we will build this one to look as close to the feast that our hope looks to and continue our efforts here on this earth to do the will of God.

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