Debate Disdain

Greetings Folks:
We are still recovering from the “Post Feast Blaaas” but things are starting to get back into there normal groove around the Harmon house. If you watched the Vice presidential debates the other night it may have struck you as odd at best and weird by the least of accounts. What I’m referring to is the bazaar behavior of our current Vice President Joe Biden. It seems he hasn’t learned proper educate or manners when conversing with folks, but lets cut to the chase with this odd show of disrespect.
It seems to me (a common man) this behavior is indicative of a much larger problem we are facing. The leadership in this nation no longer has respect for the common man, the successful, or those who might threaten their power. They are no longer hiding disdain for anyone opposing them and they don’t care how weird and crazy they may appear especially for the portion of the nation they know won’t vote for them. The show put on the other night was for their base and they loved every minute of it and saw nothing disturbing with the character of our second in command. That in its self I find very disturbing and troubling, that we could have so many folks willing to sell their souls to such bumbling fools is beyond my imagination.
It’s “In your face politics” and has grown out of Chicago style campaigning and has been around a long time. It basis of rule is the mob, utilizing thugerry, intimidation, and coercion. It is the favorite tactics of those with little or no ideas but have an insatiable lust for power.
We are at a time when we need to be looking to God for answers, not only prayer and not just in church but in every part of our lives. We have a tough road ahead; it won’t be simple mathematics that pulls us from the brink of collapse. It will be our savior and him alone and the sooner we as a nation come to the realization, the sooner we may have real hope and change.   

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