Where does the Buck Stop?


Harry S. Truman made the phrase, “The buck stops here” famous and it’s been used on many occasions to illustrate where responsibility ultimately falls. It seems we now have a new slogan by our current President “Obfuscation begins here” and if it were a car, the wheels would have be driven off by now, that is how often it’s used.
We talk all the time about role models and how they affect the thinking of our youth. How then can the president (The largest role model) continue to be a celebrity of young men and women who mostly grew up in homes where self-responsibility was drilled into them from the earliest of ages? It boggles the mind to think one can attain the highest of offices in our land and take no responsibility for anything slightly bad in the last four years, but wants us to give him credit for any good that can be found. You take the bad with the good and you do the best you possibly can with what you have is the America I grew up believing in. Sadly, we no longer live in the country where self-reliance and honesty is the character found in our nation leaders and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort the lies from truth.
“What does it matter, they all lie” is a quote I’ve heard recently. It matters if you believe Gods divine intervention directs who is in office. It matters if we expect to hold our congressmen and women accountable for the decisions made on our behalf. It matters if we give up and they become even more corrupt, it matters.
No government is really great, but what we had before the obfuscation began and the run-a-muck spending began was as good as it could get, our day and age anyway. A new day is coming where government will look like what we want it to be today, where our King will be perfect and the buck will start and stop with Jesus Christ and he will fix the problem and not blame it on the last guy in office.



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