In a Pickel

You ever find yourself in a proverbial pickle? The expression simply means, you’ve got a problem and no good solution can be found. The best explanation I could find for its origins is as follows “Trade with the Low Countries across the North Sea was important to England in the later middle Ages, and it is perhaps because of this trade that we have the word pickle. Middle English pikel, the ancestor of our word, is first recorded around 1400 with the meaning “a spicy sauce or gravy served with meat or fowl.” This is a different sense from the one the word brings to mind now, but it is somewhat related in sense to its possible Middle Dutch source pekel, a pickling solution,”  So, it meant sitting in a stew of sorts and your troubles swirling around you with no way out.
Being in a pickle can be an opportunity for some, but for most folks it mostly frustration. Most folks who do find themselves in a pickle work very hard to bring their problems to an honest and expedient end without prolonging the conclusion.
Our current administration was jumped into the pickle with both legs and all the way up to their necks with the Benghazi fiasco. Putting oneself into such a pickle for no reason at all is beyond anyone’s comprehension; yet, that is exactly what they have done. It’s such a foolish display of affairs; it has many wondering if there isn’t something more heinous at the root of its conception. The whole of the matter is a compilation of lies and deceit and it covers denials and the inability of some in the administration to do their jobs. It’s a mess by their own making and the pickling will continue until some real and honest answers come forth.

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