The Perfect Storm

In March of 1993 “The great super storm” as it was called, hit the New England area with merciless fury. It cost millions, perhaps even billion in damage and killed 310 people up and down the eastern coast. It was later described as the “The Perfect Storm” and several movies and books were produced about eeriness of how this system came together.
As we look out into the Atlantic today, we can see a similar weather pattern coming together similar to 1993; and as hurricane Sandy takes aim for the North East it is leaving a trail of destruction behind. It has already killed 39 people and caused countless finical and human destruction up and down the Atlantic.
Its target landfall area as of Friday is Washington DC. The storm will combine with a massive cold front moving through which may cause incredible amounts of snow and large scale power outages throughout the New England area and last for weeks some predict. It could become the 21st century’s storm of the century in a couple of ways.
The storm itself may be unlike anything we’ve seen in weather history, it may be more destructive than we could ever anticipate.
The destruction of the storm may leave many communities without the ability to hold elections on November 6th; there is no telling what kind of political gamesmanship this will cause and what it will do to the results of the election.
One must ask, is it Gods hand coming down on this country for our placid view of our government and how it has been treating Israel. So many times in the past storms have devastated parts of our nation while our leaders dined and comforted Israel’s enemies. What is our government doing today that stabs the backs of the Israelites while saying, “we will have their backs” who will have our backs if we abandon Israel in its greatest time of need. I believe if we continue down the road we are headed, we can expect to see many other such storms, droughts, and destruction of food and water supplies. These events will be by the hand of  Jesus Christ, not man, so pray for those who are about to go through this storm, pray Gods people will be protected.

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