News or News

Hurricane Sandy is just about all that has been in the news the last couple of Days. Its devastation is plastered all over our TV screens and blast through on a continuing basis via radio. These storms seem to always draw the media to them like bees are drawn to honey. They dig at every angle and go to unimaginable heights to get the hidden stories that no one else has thought of.
It will take weeks and months for the focus to subside from Sandy back to lesser important news stories; like, Benghazi and the debacle created by this administrations handling of the attack. You can almost sense the Medias sigh of relief from having to focus on such a damaging story that was threatening their candidate for President. It would seem to cause enormous consternation on behalf of the mainstream media  to have to actually start digging for the story right in front of them, much less, one they might actually have to work for; perhaps accidentally reviling some damaging information.
It seems to an unprofessional observer, a hurricane brings out the best in a reporter, but the taking of lives of four men including an American ambassador in a foreign nation by terrorist sparks little interest in a totally bias news culture. It would be great if we had a neutral observer to tell us the truth, instead of joining and participating in the cover-ups and lies.
Christ will one day return and bring his Kingdom to this earth bringing real hope and change to all the nations. It will be interesting to see the spin put into place by the news outlets the first day or so. Who do you believe will show up, the ones that cover natural disasters or the ones that are in the tank for Satan?   

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