Jesus Wept!

The shortest verse in the bible is quoted as” Jesus wept” such a simple statement but a powerful one. He wept because of the sorrow he felt at that moment, not because Lazarus was dead and those about him were mournful, but because of their inability to recognize the power of Christ and the lack of faith that surrounded him at the moment.
The question was raised on the radio the other day, If Jesus went into an abortion clinic, would he accept what was happening within those walls? Would the fact a woman was raped or she became pregnant by incest make a difference with Christ and his acceptance of the people willing to destroy the life within them.  The debate soared to extreme examples of what Jesus would and would not accept this day and time in the form of social norms. Would Christ like our government, would he be in our churches, and what would he think about our schools? Would Christ be a Democrat or a Republican?
Jesus wept, we focus on what we think is socially acceptable and right according to our upbringing and the world that surrounds us, and we forget what Christ really stands for. He stands for truth; he never claimed to be of any political affiliation of his time. Christ was always mindful of the widow and orphan, but most of all….Life! Life of the vulnerable is the greatest responsibility of us all, and if we had his institutions in place for punishment, marriage and socially accepted activities, there would be very little rape and incest to contend with. Following Christ halfway never works personally within our society, one must commit 100%, even if we fail at times. Nothing works half way; you certainly wouldn’t get on an airplane that worked only 50% of the time; so why do we commit to God only halfway then sit around expecting a 100% in return. Do you think committing only halfway nearly all the time might make just make Jesus weep?

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