One Hundred Year Soup

            There is a story about the French farmers who were nearly starving early in the 1800’s. They were kept alive by what came to be called “The One Hundred Year Old Soup.” Each Week, to a pot which always simmered on the back of the kitchen stove, the farmer’s wife would add whatever was available: sometimes it would be a carrot, sometimes an onion, sometimes no more than dandelions. But each week something would be added with a little more water. The soup never stopped simmering. It was always there.
            When the oldest daughter left to set up housekeeping, included in her dowry was a little pot of soup, taken from the back of the stove and shared. When the French immigrants arrived on these shores, those from the southeast rural area of France carried their little pots of “One hundred year old soup.” Some soup consumed today in South Carolina among those of French descent derives from that one hundred year old soup.
The church of Jesus Christ has been on the stove boiling for two thousand years. Many ingredients have been added and many people have been fed. It is ever old, yet ever new, just like our savior Jesus Christ. The faith and truth he established when he was upon this earth became the soup of salvation and has been carried forth by each generation afterwards. It is the responsibility of every generation to add their labor over the oven’s of testing and do their part by adding into the holy pot the ingredients of faith; so each new generation can be filled with the nourishment of God.

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