Where have all the Generals gone?

What’s happening with all the Generals these days? They seem to be falling under disgrace right and left. All of a sudden two of the highest-ranking generals are discovered to have had affairs within this last year and we are now just hearing about it. Isn’t it amazing, when you see corruption in the government trending towards Tierney you start to see those that could possibly stop the progression of an out-of-control government all of a sudden become discredited? It brings a whole new perspective to the condition of our government and its slow dismantling of our culture.
If we see more and more of these men falling to scandal and resigning for no good reason, we will soon begin seeing the wall of protection dissolving between government and the people. Getting rid of those that oppose you is a necessity, and dictators begin with the military, it has been the practice of power hungry men since the dawn of time.
We can believe it’s just circumstance and ignore any more changes in our military (howsoever slight they might be) or be vigilant over the next four years. The military can be a friend or foe, if this is a man on a power quest, we shall soon see the fruits of victory.
Maybe we have already begun seeing those fruits and we haven’t put the pieces together well enough to see the complete picture.

The bottom line is this, we are looking for Jesus Christ to come one day soon, but that can’t happen until certain key prophecies are fulfilled. As bad as this administration is, we know it will be worse before Christ can make it better. So, hang onto Jesus, the greatest general of all time and one Obama can’t disgrace


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