Finding Yourself

We hear all the time someone is trying to find themselves in this confusing world we live in. It also seems to be more of a phenomenon with the younger generations than the older folks because the older generation found themselves in the midst of several wars. There’s nothing like a few bullets whizzing by your head to help one find ones self, very quickly I might add, and you’ll never forget where you are again.
Those that seek to find themselves will take elaborate trips to foreign countries for extended periods of time, all in the guise of finding ones purpose in life. The expenses for this investigation into life’s revelations is most often at the expense of their parents, because most younger people haven’t had the time to build an account that can sustain a lifestyle abroad or anywhere else, for that matter. It seems finding ones self involves a sampling of all that life has to offer, drugs, booze and sex, what a better way to find ones self than  partying until your thirty at your parents expense. These seem to be necessary tools, ones mind must be fully explored for the challenges ahead, nothing like a little LSD to give one insight. One must, in addition, explore all the sexual fantasies one can envision before moving on to creating a family, wouldn’t want to have any regrets later in life, right?
But finding one self often comes with a greater price than many anticipate, drug additions, alcoholism, sexual diseases, and all the parties that took their exploration into themselves to new heights will bring them crashing back down to absolute reality. No family, no great life, no great job, just battle after battle with additions along with tons of regret.
Finding yourself actually starts with finding God and it’s not a cliché to believe that God gives you direction and purpose. God builds charter and strong minds; he builds families, and gives the kind of life and future we all desire. God’s truth is the foundation of the soul and we all build from there upwards. My advise to everyone, young and old, if you think you need to find yourself sometime in the future, look for God first; then, one day when your much older look in a mirror, both will be starring back and there will be no regrets.

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