Hollywood Twist

In a great sort of weirdness of recent events one wonders what kind of Nation we live in today. One almost expects at any moment a cigarette smoking Rod Sterling to step out and begin a prolog of ironic happenings taking place in front of your eyes and telling you you’re not seeing what you’re seeing. How do we keep living in day dreams over and over, our highest officials demanding more and giving less tolerance, and spend countless hours digging their way out of scandal after scandal, all the while acting like they are as pure and righteous as the wind driven snow.
Buyers remorse would be a great movie line if this were Hitchcock’s, Twilight Zone, or The outer Limits, you could wait for the show to end, and all would be fine. But that won’t be happening too soon, we have a President and an administration bent upon the destruction of our nation and it’s a rerun from the last four years.
Hitchcock’s shadowy figure in its distinct form portrayed an eeriness of events about to take place. A person seeing that form had no doubt some twist of a movie plot was about to occur. You would spend the next hour trying to decipher the codes trying to guess the plot of the movie but it never happened like you expected.  We have our own shadowy figures in our government and they are scarier than Hitchcock shows because they are real and the movie never ends. They live in secret, deal in secret, obfuscate the truth, and bend the law to suit themselves.  The old-time movie producers couldn’t have produced a better plot, all that is missing is a natural disaster and our President coming to save the day. Who knows, that may already be in the works, they say Hollywood can do miracles.
God bless you all and stay safe.

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