The Hardening of Hearts

When Moses was in Egypt after he was sent back to bring out Israel, he was stymied over and over by God hardening the Pharos heart. It must have been more than frustrating to try and do what God commands all the while God’s will is working against you. We see in the end Gods direct commandments to Moses being fulfilled and his will are accomplished because of in part, the faithfulness of Moses.
Pharos heart was hardened to the destruction that was being perpetrated upon his people and however it occurred, in deed or action, he refused to enact policies that would relieve the suffering of his people. It was as though by God hardening his heart, it blinded his consciousness and became as cold and indifferent as the most vicious of killers.
He wasn’t the only one in ancient history that made indifferent calculations as far as Gods people were concerned. The story of Rehoboem, Solomon’s son who inherited the kingdom was asked to let up on taxes and the burdens of the people to maintain his kingdom, but instead of letting up he doubled down with taxes and hardship disregarding the rebellion that could and did ensue.
Is what we are seeing in Washington these days the hardening of hearts by God once more, seeing his will come to fruition? The stalemate seems to come right out of bible pages, good vs. evil and satan vs. God, and the world vs. the elect. God’s people are a small percent in all the calculations but we suffer the affects of indifferent policies and over burdening regulations right along with the rest of the country. In each event where rulers became over-dominate, and nations were split, Gods people on one side and the world on the other side. Will this eventually lead to a even harder look at God’s people and a eventual persecution of God’s people? Only time will tell, in the meantime pray that you may be found worthy when God’s Kingdom does come.

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