Small Things

You ever get agitated at the radio or TV because of the rhetoric that spews from the speakers? Do you get mad when someone says something that irritates you at work or even at home? Do things that should work don’t when you try to use them, does that bother you to no end? Does it make you mad when someone cuts you off in traffic or does something really dumb in front of you? I just described myself in many instances and I’m not proud of any of it, or that I let these types of things bother me.
These are small things that can either define you as some type of hothead, loose cannon, even a weirdo. No one wants to be looked upon as having any of these types of personalities; especially if we claim to be one of Gods people. It would be more in keeping with the thinking we are building character when challenged on the personnel side of life.
But small things have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect them and catch you unaware. They are called small because we don’t see them coming. The big things in life we conquer for most of us at least. The big things are easy to control and we can see them on the horizon, but the little things that bother us; they are a challenge.
Small things needn’t be a bother or even a challenge, if we do one thing, remember Christ in every event that seems the least bit small, for he is found in small things that we overlook everyday. Christ is glorified in greatness and larger than life itself, but Christ everyday miracles are discovered in the small things that occur in life.

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