Christmas 2012

I would like to start out this reminder by saying; I know this subject will not be popular with some of my friends and relatives. It isn’t my intention to make you understand where I’m coming from or how I feel emotionally by addressing an awkward subject that tends to create animosity, especially this time of year. If you know me and most of you do; then, you know I believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul and wish to do his will however and whenever possible.
That said, can we finally agree on one critical fact, Christmas isn’t the birthday of Jesus. Can we just come to a moment of reality and be truthful; because it’s really is frustrating hearing over and over Christ was born on December 25th. I will attend church every Sunday and keep Christmas from this day forward if you can show me where Jesus the Christ was born on December 25th or even in December for that matter. I would relish the idea of celebrating with my entire family this time of year and not be referred to as just some odd nut with screwy ideas about God and religion. I can’t ignore the facts that are blatantly obvious even to the least curious among us. I can’t ignore December the 25th has been a pagan day of worship for nearly every sun god for thousands of years, even before Christ was born. Saturnalia was a celebration by the Romans at the time of Christ birth, and worshiping the sun that entailed the giving of gifts to one another and making holly reefs, coincidence, I don’t believe so!
If you want to celebrate Christmas, it’s perfectly okay with me, do so, and have a wonderful time, I won’t be there by the way. But please, do a little studying on Christmas and its origins and leave Jesus out of it, he never was in it; you know the square peg in the round hole kind of thing, it will never work.
I know they say Jesus is the reason for the season. I know its fun and it beautiful and the children just love Santa. The music it’s heart warming and beautiful, I get it, I’ve been there, sung the songs, drank the eggnog, decorated the tree and done the dance. But, there comes a time when all the fairy tales mystical illusions begin to wear off and you see through the prism of scripture. Christ own words in Jeremiah 10:1-5 says don’t drag a tree into your house and decorate it. This isn’t the seasons the creator of this world intended for us to observe, but I know this won’t curtail the nostalgia nor the celebrations, but I at least hope you think about what this time of year really means when you try to put your savior in the place of a pagan sun god.

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