My Fellow Survivors

Greetings my fellow survivors:
Today is December 22nd 2012; the Mayan calendar has reached its anticlimactic end and we wake to a new world full of the same as yesterday’s world. Whether we were expecting a giant meteor, or a massive polar shift, we didn’t see but a whimper within notable prophecy bringing this commentary to the conclusion, we humans fear everything even when there’s nothing there.
Did the Mayans perpetrate a bad joke on future civilizations or did they truly believe future humans were to cease to live at a time they designated in an age destined to be perhaps the last of a dying race in cataclysmic extinction?
Or, were our imaginations drawing from a far more sinister place? Painting a more vivid picture of horror and death based upon the actual history. Were our minds relating to mans ability to extract cultural ending events through genocide, abortion on demand, euthanasia and other man educing disasters?
Or, did something actually happen we didn’t take notice of, a small tick on the Richter scale of life? Inconsequential as it may have seemed whatever it may have been; may have been the beginning of the end and we weren’t privy to this miraculous occasion. Then again, perhaps 12/21/2012 isn’t finished indulging itself within our imaginations, perhaps it’s only the beginning of the end in the playground of our fears, and for the next year we will be subject to even greater farces, because after all, we are humans with human fears.
Bad joke, a whimper in time, or just another day, we will have to wait and find out. The good news from yesterday, it wasn’t the end of the world. The bad news from yesterday, I have to do those chores around the house I’ve put off for the last week, because who wants to do chores when the end is upon us all?
But seriously, we of God’s church knew we would wake up today and we will awake many more days in the future because we know what the scriptures say about the end times. The last days are not a mystery to the church of God. We know certain things must happen before Jesus can and will return and they simply haven’t happened as of yet. But take solace in the fact, when they do, you will know it, because Jesus has said as much, and that should be enough for any man willing to believe in the creator of the universe.

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