You ever feel like the more you progress you make in something the further you get behind. You work and work and more work is your only reward, it seems almost pointless to get out of bed. But there bills to pay and mouths to feed including your own. On top of all that, good old Uncle Sam is poised to take even more of your hard-earned money from you this coming year and you’re barley making it now.
The whole insane idea of raising taxes in a down economy reminds me of a event Kit Carson the famous Indian scout recounted. He led a force of some three hundred and fifty volunteer militia and scouts against what seemed a force of Comanche’s equal in size where present day Borger Texas exist. During the progression of the battle, he soon discovered there was another Indian camp four miles further down river comprising of another three thousand worriers who soon began joining the fray. Kit Carson and his men would have been massacred had they not had a couple of mountain canons along with them making a huge difference in the battle. The funny thing was, the Comanche’s had captured a bugle in a prior battle, and one of the braves had learned the bugle calls and could play them as good as any US bugler. The only problem, the Indian didn’t know the order of battle the bugler calls made. When the Comanche’s charged over and over again the bugle call issued form the Comanche bugler was a constant retreat.
It must have been almost comical to have witnessed the Indians charge after charge all the while retreat was being sounded. It seems like the very thing we are doing today as a nation, the laws and regulations issuing from the nations capitol is causing a sever retreat in many folks lives. We want to progress and go forward as a nation, but new ideas and philosophies keep calling us to go backwards into days of government heavy-handedness higher taxes. We keep waiting for someone to step-up and point out the folly of our blunders, but sadly it seems to fall on deaf ears when someone attempt s to correct our visions.
Once again, we see Christ is our only hope, our nation will continue to issue clarion calls of retreat back to a moral and just society all the while speeding headlong into destruction simply because, we don’t understand.


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