Greetings: In class warfare it is the object of one party to make of no affect the opposite party’s beliefs and ideas. It seems for all intents and purposes that is exactly what has happened in Washington; the Republican party has been marginalized to the point where they are no more than door stops in… Read More Marginalized

Older Men

Greetings: I’ve been listening to the gun debate this week and a few things occurred to me as being slightly odd. The argument rages over the fact each of the latest shootings over the last few years were conducted by young men on psychotropic drugs while engrossed almost completely in violent video games on a… Read More Older Men

Pomp and Ceremony

Greetings: All the pomp and ceremony is now complete and we officially have Obama the next four years as our president. I have only this to say about him being the president, *&%*#####@&&&*****-+_@ and *&****%%%%%*&%$###^*&<*!@”?), I think that will do it. There is one other thought we might consider, God put him there or at… Read More Pomp and Ceremony


Greetings: Sanctimonious means: making a pretence of holiness. Where do we see that kind of attitude displayed within our society today? The answer is, everywhere; we see sanctimonious people dictating their brand of freedom in every corner of our land. It’s the sanctimonious folks that won’t allow our laws to be upheld as in the… Read More Sanctimony

Just Plain Guns

Greetings: As the gun debate soars to an all time high in this nation, ignorance, it seems, is jealously keeping pace. Not to lose an opportunity of a crisis, the liberal leaders are all over the airways totting gun control and stricter availability of certain weapons. Other reasons and studies for violence of lager magnitudes… Read More Just Plain Guns