A Vote that Counts

It seems we live in world today where they’re less and less champions for good and more leaders of this once great nation willing to aqueous to evil. We have very few congressmen and women willing to take a tough stand rejecting legislation for pork and other frivolous spending in spite of short-term appearances. No one worries about how bad legislation appears to the public when the agenda is advanced by democrats; they simply say people have short-lived memories. When republicans advance legislation that is good for the heath of the nation, but unpopular with the 47 percenter’s, republicans all of a sudden, start worrying about elections two years from now.
We won’t get the kind of legislation we need to curtail run-away spending and regulation, unless republican leaders stop giving in to the old propaganda ploys about their party. If right is right and legislation is constitutional, not UN driven, it’s the course we as a nation should take. Unconstitutional driven legislation and UN driven agendas shouldn’t be even brought to the floor for considerations. Some will say, it’s easy to sit where you are and say these things, but sitting where I am, I hear and read where there are millions who believe the same as I do and fear the worst.
A Godly nation is one where the rights and freedoms of the people are the first consideration on a duly elected officials mind. Instead, we have folks who are elected to serve their constituents and many return the honor by creating legislation formed to circumvent the constitution for selfish ambition; a document which was created to enforce the rights of the people that elected them.
There is only one vote that ever counts, if you’re a democrat you’ll probably never guess what that vote is for. If you’re a republican you may not get it either but at least you might understand self-reliance. It’s a vote for Jesus and his government; you won’t find it on a ballot anywhere, no place to raise your hand to say yes. The vote occurs in your heart, and it’s seen and heard every time you obey Christ.


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