Just Plain Guns

As the gun debate soars to an all time high in this nation, ignorance, it seems, is jealously keeping pace. Not to lose an opportunity of a crisis, the liberal leaders are all over the airways totting gun control and stricter availability of certain weapons. Other reasons and studies for violence of lager magnitudes using guns are easily accessed but for some strange reason they aren’t considered. Maybe, because they aren’t interested in the actual reasons and already know what the causes are.
The liberal political machine is ignoring Chicago, a case study in gun control and violence where the city is a gun free zone (supposedly) but has over five hundred gun related murders a year. If removing guns is the answer, why is this city in so much turmoil and why are there so many guns available for criminal access?
If removing guns is the answer to less violence, why didn’t the folks moving out west in the 1800’s leave their guns behind? Why did we take guns to Germany to fight two world wars? Why have we taken guns to Afghanistan, Iraqi, Viet Nam, Bosnia, and other nation just like them? It seems like silly questions, but it’s no sillier than believing taking guns from honest law bidding citizens will somehow stop the madness. The only appropriate answers to someone shooting at you is one of two ways, surrender, or shoot back, and if you don’t have a gun, there is only one option.
No gun has ever fired itself in anger, no gun has walked itself into a classroom and started shooting, and no gun has ever committed a crime. But if you listen to the news, we are lead to believe a gun is evil, but what about the abortion clinic, it kills babies by the millions and we don’t hear a whimper from the liberals about all the death they cause.
The truth is simple, take our guns and control is guaranteed, take our freedom of speech and no one can speak out against the control. Once you have these under your boot, you can rid the nation of its malcontents and the president can sit in luxury as long as he lives. Don’t you worry, you will be taken care of, one way, or another.

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