Sanctimonious means: making a pretence of holiness. Where do we see that kind of attitude displayed within our society today? The answer is, everywhere; we see sanctimonious people dictating their brand of freedom in every corner of our land. It’s the sanctimonious folks that won’t allow our laws to be upheld as in the case of immigration. Our laws say immigration should be dealt with in certain ways, but pious and sanctimonious people make it impossible, so we have boarders where anyone with a wish can cross over.
Sanctimonious citizens advocate the total elimination of guns within our society and go as far as a local news outlet exposing the address of everyone with a permit in a certain town in the northeast, causing at least two homes to be broken into and have their guns stolen. In the meantime the same sanctimonious news-folks in the same town hire men with guns to protect them because of threats over thier sanctimonious actions.
Sanctimony doesn’t just reside in the common folk; its greatest advocate is the politician. The politician takes this behavior to new heights; they must be endowed with a sense of superiority sitting in judgment of the common man and the way he lives his life. Sanctimony for them is taking a document written over two hundred years ago guaranteeing the weakest among our nation are granted the God given rights of liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the idea, all men were created equal and changing the intent of those words to mold this nation into a place they have fashioned to fit their idea of freedom.
Slavery, oppression, tyranny, and dictators come from sanctimonious societies, who in their infinite wisdoms have decided for all the rest of us, God doesn’t exist, and the government has all the answers. Isn’t it a wonderful thing, we have folks that are capable of thinking like God, maybe their nest trick, they will eradicate all poverty with a swipe of their hand; but that might be a little too sanctimonious as well. 

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