Pomp and Ceremony

All the pomp and ceremony is now complete and we officially have Obama the next four years as our president. I have only this to say about him being the president, *&%*#####@&&&*****-+_@ and *&****%%%%%*&%$###^*&<*!@”?), I think that will do it. There is one other thought we might consider, God put him there or at least allows him to be in that position, it is for Gods purpose and plan we have good or bad presidents. God’s will for this nation is to follow Him, but we are doing everything but obey his will, so we choose a president whose morals mirror our own as a nation.
All the things wrong in our society through books, movies, and games that are looked upon as acceptable, we find in our leaders. We see injustice, larceny, untruthfulness, thugerry, and thievery only to mention a few. Why would God grace our nation any longer? What has this nation done in his name the last five years? When has this nation repented to God like Nineveh who completely changed when warned of looming disaster?
Yes, we have a horrible president, but we elected him. Now, we have to live with the consequences of our immorality thrown back in our face as a nation. Pray the kingdom of Christ comes soon.

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