Older Men

I’ve been listening to the gun debate this week and a few things occurred to me as being slightly odd. The argument rages over the fact each of the latest shootings over the last few years were conducted by young men on psychotropic drugs while engrossed almost completely in violent video games on a daily basis. Nearly all were being monitored by health services for mental problems and had no legal access to guns but attained them by illegal means.
Of course, the talk show phones burned off the hooks this last couple of weeks by the younger generation defending the gaming industry and their playing violent videos as a form of relaxation. Their bias stems from hours upon hours in a virtual world engrossed in killing and maiming as much and as often as possible. But you have to wonder, when you add mind-altering drugs to the mix what kind of effect does it have on a younger mentality.
Take into consideration the fact, it isn’t older men committing these heinous crimes with guns even though, older men by far are legal owners of guns than the younger generation. Many older men have conceal and carry permits and have pistols on their person daily, but they aren’t the ones shooting up schools and theaters. Older men for the most part don’t play violent video games; they didn’t grow up playing army on keyboard in front of a video screen engaging characters that blow apart in red mist when hit with virtual bullets. Older men grew up playing army with sticks, play guns and using their imaginations to determine who got hit. Older men’s introduction into real death by guns came on actual battlefields, believe me when I say, they want nothing more to do with war, either on a computer or for real.
Older men didn’t grow up with drugs to settle them down, a three-foot paddle worked well in that department, they paid complete attention the rest of the day. Yes, it is the younger generation committing these shootings; so, what’s the difference in the older generation and the younger generation? Maybe it really is the drugs and violent video games; that seems to be the difference. Oh, there is one last thing, younger men don’t for the most part don’t grow up with God in their lives, older men did.

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