In class warfare it is the object of one party to make of no affect the opposite party’s beliefs and ideas. It seems for all intents and purposes that is exactly what has happened in Washington; the Republican party has been marginalized to the point where they are no more than door stops in Obama’s realm. The Republicans are afraid to lose votes in every venue, so the cave to the Democrats on nearly every issue.
Is it idealistic to think, standing for ones beliefs is always the best course? Is it crazy to be obstinate when faced with dictatorial edicts that on there very basis, are unlawful? Is it too patriotic to stand for the framers vision of a free society, and dare mention the foundation of this nation’s laws, the constitution? We are marginalized because we don’t stand for our beliefs on these things because they might make us look like kooks or nuts.
The founding fathers endured ridicule for their beliefs, sometimes from their own families; can we suffer less for the same ideas of a free society?  This country was worth fighting for two hundred years ago and it’s worth the struggle today, but first, we must become un-marginalized before we can go forward.
If the very roots of our beliefs are hardened in our hearts and minds and they are formed by the values set forth by our creator, we can attain a Godly mandate winning on the stage of ideas. But, if we falter before God and continue letting Godless men remove our nations true founder (God), we will ultimately become marginalized to the point the Republican Party doesn’t exist any longer. Which would you rather have, God and a land of freedom, or no God and a land of Chaos, the choice is up to all of us.

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