Groundhog Day 2013

Today is the infamous Groundhog Day and in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania the groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil is awaiting his command performance in front of a crowd full of anxiety-ridden folks. They are waiting whether Phil will see his shadow and there will be six more weeks of winter. It’s a yearly occasion in the frigid area of our nation to break the monotony of being indoors for long period of time. Why else would you endue the cold to watch a furry varmint walk around for a half hour in the cold?
Groundhog Day was made even more famous with the movie starring Bill Murray, where and man keeps living Groundhog Day over, and, over and over. It only ended when he was able to make things right in his life.
This year it seems is truly Groundhog Day in every sense of the idea of a reoccurring nightmare. It seems we are to keep living the same rhetoric from the leaders of our government, give, give, and give more. Every tax under the sun and some they haven’t thought of yet are going up immeasurably. The President saw his shadow on Election Day and we now have four more years of class warfare, partisan rhetoric, and bitter divide within our nation.
We now can crawl back into our humble homes and suffer through the avalanche of regulations and illegal mandates created to bringing about a fairer system in our nation. This reoccurring theme never goes away because there seems nothing can stop it. The electorate of this nation is in the back pockets of the Democratic machine and will do anything to maintain the status quo so now; the welfare state outnumbers the working state.  Pray we can still call upon God in this nation in four more years, because there is no way the current administration is willing to make things right to stop the nightmare.

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