Our Youth

The sovereignty of the home has been sacrosanct in this country since its conception, and one may argue, hundreds if not thousands of years earlier. It’s the home that has been beyond the influence of government in the past, it was a place where character and morals took there first root. The Father was the head of the house and his word was final in most accounts. His instruction and influence was pivotal in the relationship of his children, giving his sons moral fortitude and a biblical compass to guide their lives. Daughters were brought up under the notion they would marry a man whose character was most like their Parents, good and decent. Mothers were always loving and caring; mothers were always there, never failing to add that special advice needed in tough and challenging times. A mother’s roll was to hold the home together, teaching children their rolls in life.
This week it was let known in New York City the parents of fourteen schools have abrogated the parental rights to the schools and now the schools are dolling out contraceptives like they were aspirin. In many cases the prevention is in the form of devices used to prevent unwanted pregnancies, all this to keep female teens in schools.
This is done in some instances without parental consent, but one must wonder if that even matters?
The welfare state has created a monster in the form of broken homes, unwed mothers, and lifestyles reminiscent of a herd of goats, doing anything and everything. Abstinence is a thing of the past; no one considers waiting for that special man or woman to dedicate them selves to any longer. The home has been demolished, metaphorically, physically and spiritually. Its not a place of growth and instruction any longer in so many cases, it has simply become the nest filled with mindless beasts waiting to repopulate their species. We are not elevating our society any longer, we are witnessing the denigration our culture and demoralization of the youth we once counted on to move this nation forward though the tough times ahead  

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