Space Rocks

This week was news worthy in two respects, the first story being the astronomical event which was anticipated by the science community for over a year. It was the close passing to earth of a one-hundred foot wide asteroid. It came within seventeen thousand miles of earth and considering satellites orbit at twenty-four thousand miles, it was a near miss, for earth and the satellites.
An unscheduled event occurred over Russia on the same day when a meteorite exploded over a city causing considerable damage and injuries. Its blast was the size of a small nuclear device exploding in the atmosphere-giving rise to conspiracy theories of its origins.
It wasn’t Vladimir Putin, he has an iron-clad alibi, it seems he was horse back riding with his shirt off in Siberia for Russia leader of the month magazine. But some have pointed the finger at the US and our secret plan to explode meteorites over foreign countries that won’t cooperate with our efforts to curtail global warming. It seems the green crowd has stepped up their efforts of intimidation and is now using inconspicuous space rocks as their choice of weapons, being always mindful of the depletion of our planetary resources.
These two events do tend to illustrate one very common theme, it is God in control and no matter the event or threat, it will work out the way God has intended it too. We need faith and our feet planted firmly on the ground at all times, because faith is real and the world is getting weirder with every passing day.

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