Tolerance is one of those words people use when someone wants you to look at something the way they do. It is also used as a verbal club in certain areas of society and certain political affiliations who push aggressive agendas trying to achieve a form of pseudo equality.  It is used in conjunction with racism, poor, and underprivileged.
When we typically think of tolerance, we think of America, the dream of all nations coming together in harmony, living together under one big roof. A place where cultures intermingle; where there is no berating each other over race or religion, status or class.  Tolerance is seeing your fellow human with your heart, not with your eyes. That was once the America we knew and a place where people dreamed coming to and being a part of.
But tolerance gets a lot of credit that belongs to apathy, it’s sad we live our lives in the shadow of distrust, class warfare, and moral blackmail. We live in a time where the wicked laugh at words like tolerance, God, and love. They sneer at the very thought of a fair and equal world because a tolerant world would illuminate their extreme intolerance. It is said, when some folks yell for tolerance, what they really want is special privileges, they want for free what the rest of us has to go to work everyday to earn. A lot of crimes and injustices are done under the banner of tolerance.
Tolerance starts when you actually practice it, not when you just talk about it. But, it is extremely difficult for the tolerant to tolerate the intolerant; so, we must be an example of the type of person we desire living next door. If we are that person, then perhaps the American dream will live within every home, every community, and we can again be a nation people dream of and wish to be a part of once again.

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