One mans junk is another mans treasure goes the old saying. If that is true, my wife and I are sitting on some other persons idea of treasure and we’ve spent the last year trying to figure out what to do with most of it. Junk grows naturally if left alone, I didn’t realize that until I had an abundance of it. Junk it seems, will appear out of nowhere, in places you never thought it could be found.
Junk is dangerous, I could lose a hand, or something if I inadvertently get rid of the wrong junk, but isn’t junk, just junk? Apparently, my junk isn’t the same as my wife’s junk, imagine that! It comes in all sorts and sizes, colors and shapes; some is boxed and some just lies outside until we are tired of showcasing it to the neighbors.
Junk has a way of inspiring conversations, even arguments if one isn’t careful. The conversation usually starts out with something like, “If your not going to use that” it’s at this moment when all the present and future practical value of the item in question starts flashing up in my mind. I become torn between getting rid of the item and the desire to hang onto another person’s concept of a useless junk for some future projects.
It’s no wonder junk is viewed as treasure because our junk is our very own treasures, no one else can see its value but us. It’s rusty and dirty, but it’s ours, and attached to that useless piece of metal or broken pottery may be a special memory bonded by a single moment in time. Your junk looks like simple junk to me, but my junk has children, good times, old friends, and moments of love attached to them and I remember when it was something other than just junk.
God looks at us the same way, we may be old and useless in the eyes of many; we may be broken, tattered, and an eyesore to those who don’t know us. We are much more in the sight of God, we are special to him, we represent the love and treasure he values the most. We may be junk to the world, but we are the treasures God values the most, have a great Sabbath.

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