I feel as though I’m a reasonable fellow and I have an average IQ, but in the last few years I’ve begun to question some of the societal changes taking place in our country.
For instance, when did stupid become a virtue and curious folks looked down upon for being educated enough to recognize sixteen trillion in debt is a problem. Why does gas keep going up when it seems everyday on the news there is a new discovery of massive oil and natural gas fields in the country? Why do I keep hearing the word transparency from the administration but there are never any answers to any questions asked? Why does the President all of a sudden have the power to create laws? I was always taught congress had that responsibility.
When did porn on TV commercials become the norm? And when did R rating in movies become the standard for moviemakers and PG allows filth? The English language has become riddled with Perverseness and vileness, all for the sake of enhancement or punctuality. When did our neighbors become strangers and strangers something to fear? When did our enemies become our friends and our friends become our enemies? When did being an honest hard working American become a cash cow and a freeloader became something to be desired? When did church become foolish and the bar scene become hip; when did guns become the enemy, not the criminal? When did actors become more popular than God and God become a dirty word?
When did I fall asleep like Rip Van Winkle and awake to a strange world I don’t recognize? I can’t say I can recall that particular time, but I see a world I’ve never seen before, full of people that are from another world. They’ve all been described in the bible over three thousand years ago where other city’s like this nation existed once before and were destroyed, they too denied God, his creation. They are known by the names Sodom and Gomorrah.

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