Playing it Safe

Greetings: On a day in July, a farmer sat on his front porch, smoking a corncob pipe. Along came a stranger who asked, “How’s your cotton coming?” “Ain’t got none,” was the answer. “Didn’t plant any; afraid of the boll weevil.” “Well, how’s your corn?” ”Didn’t plant none. ‘Fraid o’ drought.” “How’s about potatoes?” “Ain’t… Read More Playing it Safe

The Investment

Greetings: There was a manager of an IBM project that lost $10 million before the project was scrapped. He was summarily called into a meeting at the corporate office. “I suppose you want my resignation?” he asked. “Resignation nothing!” replied his boss. “We’ve just spent $10 million educating you.” This simple story illustrates a common… Read More The Investment

The Two Frogs

Greetings: Two frogs fell into a tub of cream. One looked at the high sides of the tub which were too difficult to crawl over and said, “It is hopeless” So he resigned himself to death, relaxed, and sank to the bottom. The other one determined to keep swimming as long as he could. “Something… Read More The Two Frogs

Doing Right!

Greetings: You ever find yourself doing the wrong things for what seems the right reason? When I was a child, I had a tri-cycle; riding that cycle was the greatest feeling in the world, but riding it down several stairs was incredibly reckless and dangerous.  That was my mothers view anyway; to me it was… Read More Doing Right!

Freedom’s Cost

Greetings: Many intellectuals and talk-show hosts have talked endlessly about the cost of freedom. It is a price measured by each and every person in this great nation and how they view life. Some folks view freedom so ungratefully they go through life not understanding the tedious precipice in which our freedoms are balanced. The… Read More Freedom’s Cost

Into The Light

Greetings: It was reported this week when the Pope departed for the final time from the Vatican. He did so in the most elaborate way, a white helicopter, dressed in costmary white suit and including his all-so-famous white hat. The news also said he road off into the brilliant rays of the sun embracing him… Read More Into The Light