Into The Light

It was reported this week when the Pope departed for the final time from the Vatican. He did so in the most elaborate way, a white helicopter, dressed in costmary white suit and including his all-so-famous white hat. The news also said he road off into the brilliant rays of the sun embracing him as he flew into oblivion. It made me wonder if the perception given by those who understand the biblical history intended to portray this pontiff as an Elijah being carried away by Gods chariot. It was a fitting exit seeing his God (The sun) welcomed him into its bosom of fire for a final bow from his adoring people who worship men and not the true savior.
As the sunset engulfed the Popes departure at the same time it was illuminating chaos in our nations Capital. The light of day reveled the arrogance this President has and will use to achieve his purposes. It brought into view the lies poured out like so much honey to scare the American people. At first it was sweet to the taste, then, after so much, the words became sickening to the hearers. Even the left leaning newspapers had to comment because it was so bad.
The light of day has a way of making everything look a bit different, we can see things as they really are. We can see men making themselves into something they’re not. We can see men who would be dictators if given the chance. We can see God’s true ways but only if we wish to see them. Light drives away darkness from the world and from our minds, but we have to be the ones who step out into the light, and for some of us, we will see the world for the very first time.

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