Freedom’s Cost

Many intellectuals and talk-show hosts have talked endlessly about the cost of freedom. It is a price measured by each and every person in this great nation and how they view life. Some folks view freedom so ungratefully they go through life not understanding the tedious precipice in which our freedoms are balanced. The issue of freedom annoys many on the left side of our nation; they aqueous their rights to the government and expect the rest of us to do the same. Until they see the need, they cannot comprehend the value of a truly free society.
Our nation was conceived in the blood of men who bore the cost with their very lives. Over and over through the decades and years others have stepped forward and paid that same price. Even though they are few in number compared to the totality of our nation, their lives was the cost that has kept us free. It hasn’t been just soldiers, but firemen, policemen and women. In times of great peril during the growth of this country, it was the average citizen who took the stand for liberty in places like, the Alamo, on the plains, and the out of the way towns that sprung forth.
As these communities grew into cities, counties, and states; they elected representatives whom they placed responsibility to maintain those very freedoms they had acquired by blood and sweat. We put our faith and trust in such people to ensure we wouldn’t lose the way of life we loved so much. We gave them the purse in which is the soul of this nation and the means of survival; we asked only that they use it responsibly, for the good of the nation.
Those in government have rarely seen the cost of freedom; mostly, they see it through the lens of statistics and spread sheets. As diplomats they see wars by visiting USO’s and embassies, sometimes-even hospitals. Their children are often exempted from combat if they are in the military and far from the sounds of battle.
Freedom isn’t something given to us by our government, it is earned by those willing to stand and likely to pay for it with their lives. It is a gift from those that built this nation, who truly loves to be free from those who would take it from us. If you are one who believes being free isn’t worth much, wait and see how much slavery will cost you!

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