Mules and Ponies

The story goes, in the old days, ponies and mules were used to haul out coal in mineshafts. The animals stayed there for the entire week, except for on Sundays when everyone was off and the mines were shutdown. The animals were brought out and let out to pasture on that one day of the week. When a foreman was asked why they did this, his reply was,” So they wouldn’t go blind from the constant darkness”.
If we live our lives in constant darkness, never emerging from the depths of this world, we could soon be blinded to the light of Gods word. Darkness would become our normal; soon, we would be turning away from the faintest flickers of light. We, like so many others would shun God and his wisdom for the depravity darkness brings. We would find familiarity within blindness and choose anything-resembling hope to guide us, even unto death.
Jesus Christ is the light of the world; he is the creator of this world and the creator of the week. Christ created the seventh day to bring light to his people, to lead them from the darkness of the world into the light of his presence.
Every seventh day is our opportunity to regain our sight into the will of God and his truths. God knew one day away from the influences of the world was important for his people to maintain a moral perspective and maintain our spiritual heath. Light drives the darkness from our consciousness; life is renewed every seventh day and prepares us for another six days in darkness. The only time Satan wins is when we have been overcome by the shadow of evil. Darkness hides that shadow and it can’t be seen, it becomes hard to recognize. Once the light of God illuminates evil, we can see it for what it is, and its shadow will dissipate form the presence of God every time we are lead into the Light of Jesus Christ.

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