The Investment

There was a manager of an IBM project that lost $10 million before the project was scrapped. He was summarily called into a meeting at the corporate office. “I suppose you want my resignation?” he asked. “Resignation nothing!” replied his boss. “We’ve just spent $10 million educating you.”
This simple story illustrates a common occurrence that emerges at this time every year. A few folks within our congregations find themselves lacking due to the scriptures instructing Gods’ people to do a self-examination prior to Passover and the days of Unleavened bread. The remark, “I’m not sure I’m worthy to attend Passover” is as common as Matzos, and is a sign; we recognize our failings over the course of the last year. We know we can’t be perfect, no matter how hard we try.
If we look at it through the lens of this story, we may get a slightly different view of our responsibilities as Gods’ people. We are not relieved of being a Christians because we have failed. As in the story, God has too much invested in each and every one of us. We have spent decades in some cases learning and being educated in the spiritual realm. God would not let such a valuable and important person such go to easily over failures no matter how bad we think they might be.
The education God’s people receives comes a too great a price; it was $10 million in the story, but for God’s people, it’s the blood of Christ. Its Christ blood that has paid the price for our sins and failures, and we must continue to learn the lessons that lead to success. That success is being included into first resurrection and the kingdom of Jesus Christ. There is no worker in God’s Kingdom that isn’t as important as any other. We do a self-examination to identify faults and proceed to eliminate them from ever becoming an issue again, not to exclude ourselves from the presence of Christ.
It is a concept used within the corporate world of today successfully, but I believe as in all things it started with God.  Have a wonderful Passover and days on unleavened bread.

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