Weekend Warriors

Roger Ebert Died last week from complications of cancer. He was a film critic for many years along with Gene Siskel who died in 1999. Roger was once asked, “How do you become a film critic?” His reply, “You stand up, and say you are one,” he continued, “You say it as loud, and as often as you need to until you are one.”
In that small statement is a giant revelation. Often it seems, we’re hesitant proclaiming our love of God, we say it quietly so not to offend anyone.” If we don’t believe we are Christian; who other than yourself, will believe you are? Christ said if we were ashamed of him, he would be ashamed of us, in so many words. Is it saying the same thing as Roger was saying, “Say it loud and say it until you are one.”
We are Christ church; we shouldn’t be ashamed to say it. We are God’s people and we’re not hiding in the shadows any longer! We affirm Gods’ laws and practice them boldly without regret. We don’t believe in social reconstruction, same sex marriage, abortion, and giant social giveaways! We’re believers of God, the constitution and the right to practice our faith the way God intended! We stand for the principles outlined in the old and New Testament; we believe you can’t have one and not the other.
I’ve said it loudly, did it embarrass you, did it make you quince reading it? Did you say in the back of your mind, “I can’t say that, I’ll get fired.” Our goal should be the first, resurrection, but I demands total commitment.  It calls for boldness and absolute dedication, not a weekend warrior.
Can you proclaim it loudly until you are there standing with Christ. Is this you? Or, are you someone who only wishes you could be that person? Standup, be one who without a second thought knows, they are God’s own, nothing will stand in their way, not even Satan. Standup, and be counted, reclaim your faith and shout to the world, “I belong to God!”

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