The Iron Lady

It seems every week we hear of another famous person dying, this week is no different. We heard the news Margaret Thatcher had died at the age of eighty-seven. It’s the passing of a great world leader fondly referred to as, “The Iron Lady.” She has left an unassailable legacy of courage, dignity, and poise. She was unyielding in her commitment to England’s citizens, and brought them back from the total ruin to prominence once more on the world stage.
She with her grace and poise left more than a legacy for us to ponder. Her character makeup was of a quality unknown in the political arena today. If her moral DNA was comprised of iron, it must be one of the rarest metals found among her equals. She showed class to those that hated her and despised her convictions she held so tightly. She raised the bar for desirable conduct in the world of want-a-be ladies who were never tutored in class or etiquette.
One must ask themselves,” Has this world degenerated to the point where good manners, conviction of morals are considered part of ones legacy?” It was once commonplace for a leader of the world be someone with integrity, scruples; someone whose truthfulness had credibility.
We were left comforted in the 80’s and slept easy knowing there were men and women in charge of  our nation like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. We need that type of leader now, but I believe the well is dry in that sense. I don’t see that caliber in the personalities on display today. Our current world leaders could learn a lot from the Iron Lady, but sadly they’re unable because she is gone now and they are made of something totally different than iron.
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