Teddy Roosevelt once said, “I am only an average man, but I work harder at it than the average man.” Mere average is where most folks find themselves these days. We have average lives, average income, and average number of children. We live in average neighborhoods and drive the average automobile that gets average miles-per-gallon.
Most of us watch the average amount of television, we have an average number kitchen aids, and we might even drink the average amount of beer.
Everything is average and nothing it seems is exceptional anymore. Even our leaders are just average, and that’s scary. We go about our lives in an average way hoping nothing out of the ordinary happens. From the top-down in our nation today we seem to expect the applecart to stay upright all the time. We seem amazingly surprised as a country when we are hit by terrorism, there; I’ve said the word, “terrorism.”
It seems unfathomable someone would ruffle our peace seeking natures within our average streets. But those are the things that shock a nation out of the average and into a different category. When we are attacked, we can become exceptional like we have in the past or we can be an average nation and accept our fate. We could return to God as a nation, now that would be exceptional. We could put God back into our below-average schools, which would be a blessing. We could base our laws once more on Gods laws and become once more a nation whose justice system is the greatest in the world.
But, we are average people living in an average land, lead by average leaders who are most often, spiritually blind. Do we follow along, the question becomes, or do we transform our average lives, into one of God’s elect, the few, the chosen.


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