A Man’s car stalled in the heavy traffic as the light turned green. All his efforts to start the car failed, and a chorus of honking followed behind him making matters worse. Frustrated, he got out of his car and walked back to the car behind him. He said to the driver, “I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to get my car started. If you’ll go up there and give it a try, I’ll stay back here and blow the horn for you.”
Is it ever a good thing to make matters worse in a bad situation? When someone is having trouble aren’t we supposed to try and help, and not pile onto people frustrations? Yet, when we are in our own private worlds and some annoyance occurs; we can act as if all the troubles in the world are directed specially at us. But in so many cases our annoyance is a direct result of our own impatience.
Does pulling over for ambulances, fire trucks or police cars get to you? You probably said “no,” but an elderly person driving slowly on the interstate may tempt you into rash behavior, like speeding around then in a dangerous curve. Our patience wares thin in situations we have no control over, anger emerges, and we may even strike out at those we care about the most.
Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could all help each other though day to day problem and not make everything a crisis? Wouldn’t this world be a better place to live in if our first thoughts were concern over others and not how fast we can get to Starbucks for coffee?
Christ said, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” If that becomes the standard, we must begin to look at our neighbor in a different light. When we become impatient with another, we might try seeing ourselves in their place. We might ask ourselves before the outburst, “Is there something wrong, can I help?” We can make this world a better place to live in, but it truly begins with each one of us, in our hearts.


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