When we look at a fence we see rock, wood, metal, or barbed wire. We travel down the roads whizzing by fence after fence. We rarely ponder what’s behind all those fences. Are they good people or bad, are rich or poor? Do they worship God or have some other form of faith?
Why are fences so necessary?  Are we trying to keep the world out or are we building walls to preserve what’s ours’. Is it our way of saying, “Here I’m King or Queen of all I survey.” “I’m ruler over my lands”, even if it’s just a quarter acre. We put all our hopes and dreams within the boundaries of fences. We become defensive if they are threatened in any way. We may even be prepared to give our lives for what’s inside our fences.
They say fences make good neighbors. Do you honor your neighbor’s boundaries, or do you look at his fences differently than you look at your own. His or Her stuff isn’t as important to you as your own stuff. But he or she feels just as violated as you would when someone takes something or trespasses their boundaries.
Do you ever consider God’s fences? Do you realize God has boundaries that aren’t to be defiled? Did you ever take into account how God feels when we encroach upon his fences he has set for us all? His commandments are the hedge that sets our limits. His laws show us our bounds. His promises teach us, there are no limits to his love and his protection. Jesus sacrificed himself for all that is within his domain, all that he could survey, and all that is within his boundaries. Don’t we own it to Christ to stay within the fence he built for us?

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