So many times when good people find themselves in terrible situations, they turn to God with only one question on their minds,” Why?”  “Why did this have to happen to me?” It could be the loss of a loved one, or someone close may have contracted a debilitating disease. It may be financial loss; it could something like the promotion that was counted on. Why, seems to be the number one question offered up to God.
It almost seems cruel or uncaring to suggest their might be something missing in someone’s life that may have brought on at least some of their troubles. War isn’t a product of God, but folks can’t reason the loss of a loved one dying in battle with God’s will. Violent crime wasn’t something God inspired in men, but people cry out to God when people they care about become victims of crime. Disease so often is the byproduct of our environment, so people suffer from the affects of bad diets, lack of exercise, and chemicals on our foods. God didn’t bring about any of this; yet, we ask him why.
On top of all of everything else; we‘ve taken God away from our children in schools where he hasn’t any affect on their lives. We, as a society have removed him from any influence in our government, and we’ve forbidden God’s presence anywhere but church and we ask why.
Do you suppose God ever ask why? Why don’t they obey me, why do they refute my will, and why do they continuously sin? Do you ponder over your relationship with God, maybe you should, before you ask, “Why?”  

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