The Straw

Slowly they were added, stacked one right after the other until the weight of straw was just too much. The last straw placed upon the camels back brought the animal to its knees crying of overwhelming pain. This is the picture formed within my mind when the phrase “The last straw” is used to describe someone’s frustration with a problem. It may be someone getting on their nerves and they just can’t take it any longer.
 The last straw is when your problems become so monumental they become insurmountable and we become helpless. One problem after another daily and bad days daisy chained into relentless disparity. 
Each straw represents a problem in your life. Whether it is an annoyance or financial problems, they are your straws and yours alone. The phrase implies a camel’s back but in reality, it’s you who carry the burdens of your problems. At one point you could collapse under the overwhelming load your problems create.
God says in so many words, believing in him will help take away your burdens. As you grow stronger in belief, you’re able to carry more as a member of God’s family. You won’t have to carry your loads alone either; others of God’s family are there to help when things become too much to carry.
Your faith will lighten the load the world piles on your back in the form of straw. One by one they disappear as your faith grows stronger by the day. Only you can allow problems to be added to your worldly woes but you and God working together lightens our burdens.

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