It said, everybody looks for different things in the Ten Commandments. Some look for divine guidance, some look for a code to live by, but most people are looking for loopholes.
What category do you fit in? If you are truthful with yourself, the answer may surprise you. First thing you should do before you try to examine your position is read the commandments once more. It may have been a while for many people seeing the commandments have been removed from so many places these days. Since the demonization of the Bible has become so popular, you may feel as thou they are irrelevant and besides, you know what they say! You won’t steal, murder, commit adultery, bear false witness and you won’t covet your neighbor’s wife. You’ve always done right by your Father and Mother, so what’s the big deal?
You’re not one of those looking for loopholes, can’t put you in that category can we? You love God, you don’t make any kind of images, and you don’t swear. No loopholes in your life; you even go to church every Sunday, the first day of the week. But, there we have a problem because the scriptures say it’s the seventh day we are suppose to keep holy, not the first day. That would be a loophole, a very large loophole, and most people are willing to live with violating God’s holy commandments when it comes to his Sabbaths.
So, let’s review; divine guidance is out because the Sabbaths are God’s mark on his people (Exodus 31:12). A code to live by isn’t really relevant because Christ said “If you love me you will keep my commandments (John 14:15”).  It boils down to loopholes, because the world says the first day of the week is holy, not the seventh. It now becomes a loophole to tell God, “I won’t obey your 4th commandment”. That is where you are at this moment and time with God. What other loopholes are you willing to accept when it comes to God?


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