Golf Balls

When the modern golf ball was first made it had a smooth surface. Golfers soon discovered balls that had been roughed up a bit traveled greater distance and out preformed newer balls. It wasn’t long afterwards dimpled covers were applied to all golf balls for better performance.
So it is with life; as we acquire dents and dings in everyday life, we slowly become better at life’s travails overtime. Trials create rough spots in life’s lesson but they shouldn’t become a drag on us; just the opposite, they should inspire us instead. But, as we get older, we become more mindful of the things that drag us down, so we become adept at avoiding problems. Age, it seems; gives many a unique perspective and the capacity turn misfortune into a blessing.
At a time our lives come to an unavoidable end; we too will receive a new cover. A cover that will allow us spiritual perfection in God’s kingdom. The scars of our past lives will be behind us, but will remain in our consciousness as a reminder just how much we needed God all along.
A simple little white ball can show the grander of God’s plan for man, how wonderful is that? We as humans seek God in the toughest places, highest mountains, and deepest space, but mostly found in a blade of grass, a gentle breeze, and yes, even a little white imperfect golf ball.



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