Secrect of Success

Paul Harvey once said: “Someday, I hope to enjoy enough of what the world calls success so that if somebody ask me, `What’s the secret of it?` I shall say this: `I get up when I fall down.`”
The great American dream is to be successful in life, and be able to provide for our families. Its a dream that has built this nation into a country unlike any other in history. Men and women literally clutching a gun in one hand and their family bible in the other risked all they had including their lives. It was a gamble they were willing to take and a life they were willing to live, simply for their children’s future.
You could hear complaints about the weather, about crops, and possibly on rare occasions, the government. But they rarely looked back and hardly ever asked for charity; they created their future by sweat and muscle. When they fell, they reached inside looking for one more chance to accomplish more of their dream. They gave thanks to God unabashedly without concerns someone may overhear their prayers. They feared only God and loved their families more.
What we get to take from this is a lesson in self-reliance and a unique prospective from the vision of one on America’s greatest commentators. Who no doubt, came to understand, in the end of all matters, it’s you and only you who can give you success, with the help of God.