Gifts are always a source of joy and a show of love. No other thing we do for another person creates a greater goodwill than giving a gift. Gifts are often physical symbols of recognition, appreciation, and sometimes, just plain fun. Gifts are sometimes given to help us succeed, and they often come during graduation, or a promotion.
What is it a person is expecting when they give someone else a gift? Are they hoping for something in return? Or, are they showing they care very deeply, or are they just doing what they believe is expected of them?
How we receive gifts tells a lot about who we are. Do we appreciate someone else’s efforts? Do we seem disappointed because it wasn’t what we expected? Do we even go so far as to outright reject a gift at times from someone who cares?
Do we even recognize when we are given gifts? Many times in our lives small tokens of love and caring are deposited within our lives and we don’t see them for what they are? We continue our lives as if nothing significant even happened and the person giving is left without the slightest acknowledgment of gratefulness.
We might find ourselves guilty of all these conditions I’ve listed above at one time or another in our lives. You might say that isn’t true with those whom you love. But, what about all the gifts God has given each of us? Have you recognized those gifts? Do you understand what he has offered and in turn, you turned down. There are many gifts waiting on folks that haven’t been collected and time is short. You might think you know how to judge the gifts from God, but the only true way to know is through scripture, have you been there lately?

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