Visions of the Future

In the year 1870the Methodist in Indiana were having their annul conference. At one point, the president of the college where they were meeting said, “I think we live in a very exciting age.” The Presiding bishop said, “What do you see?” The college president responded,”I believe we are coming into a time of great inventions. I believe, for example, that men will fly though the air likes birds.” The Bishop said,” This is heresy! The Bible says that flight is reserved for angels. We will have no such talk here.”
After the conference, the bishop, whose name was Wright, went home to his two small sons, Wilbur and Orville.
Who could have known a hundred and fifty years ago man would not only fly in the future but in less than a century later would walk on the moon. Vision is a gift from God, through inspiration and vision we learn then do. Without the drive visions of our future bring, we might never have accomplished the things we have today. The lightbulb, auto, train, telephone and airplane, they would remain obscure ideas.
Everyone has visions of the future, but it is truly a rare gift to take a vision and make it materialize. It takes someone not afraid to take a chance, someone willing to endure ridicule if necessary.
Visions in the Bible are often described as divine revelations, or involves a supernatural appearance. Visions were given to bring the will of God to man and let it be known his very existence. God created man with the capacity to see and do for his purpose. We learn by visions of inspiration in this physical body to continually drive us forward to a day when we enter the Kingdom of God. Only small glimpses of the future teach us the overwhelming greatness of that time and the visions promised in God’s universe. Do we have the courage to believe or is it just heresy to have such visions.


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